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Good is doing what you like.

Making with love and having stories to tell over time.

Only with time we can build up experience and knowledge, develop new techniques and become better and better.

That's what Santa Rita did. It used the time to grow, to create. It drew all its benefits, implemented new machines that came to assist and facilitate human labor, modernized its production line with new developments in industrial manufacturing area, resulted from investment in research, people and time.

Balas Santa Rita is like this.

The company does what it loves and the way it should be done. With quality and respect for the consumer.

Balas Santa Rita

Since 1950 making our life sweeter and delicious.



Provide the candy market with qualified products, through innovation and serving the expectations of employees, consumers, clients and shareholders.


  • Clarity and transparency in our relations
  • Commitment with the client
  • Professional ethics
  • Respect and loyalty to our identity
  • Focus on Quality
  • Environmental Responsibility


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