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Candies history


The candy factory Santa Rita, founded by Mr. Baptista de Almeida in the city of Oliveira, State of Minas Gerais, began its activities in the 1930s and spent 10 years producing only handmade lollipops.

From 1940, with the acquisition of some machines, the company begins the production of soft candies, obtaining large regional recognition for the quality and flavors. This recognition led the company to invest in more equipment to serve the ever increasing demand. In 1990 the company moved to new premises and doubled its production. It was at the same time that the company began to produce hard candies.




Throughout the 1990s, Balas Santa Rita greatly increased their physical structure and adapted its industrial park to absorb several acquisitions to increase its production and diversify its portfolio. In 1999 the company launched the Lollipops brand SUPIMPA with great success in the national market. It was also at the same time that the Balas Santa Rita began its exports, primarily to the Mercosur countries and some African countries.



In 2008 the company back to invest in new equipment sets, now to start the production of caramels with milk in three (3) different flavors, vanilla, chocolate and fifty-fifty (chocolate and vanilla).




Balas Santa a remains a family business that maintains the same pride and love for what it does. Over the time the company has overcome obstacles, increased its portfolio, grew and became important in the progress of the region as well as in the business of sweets and confectionery in the country. Producing several kinds of candies, lollipops and caramels, today it's possible to find its products in all national territory and in several countries in all continents.




Despite significant challenges, we trust on our products and employees to continue growing sustainably more each day without forgetting our origins

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